3 Styles of Place Card Holders to Make Your Wedding Unique & Elegant

Published: 27th October 2009
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All wedding vary from couple to couple. Some at so causal you could wear shorts. At the other end they can be black tie events (yes, even the guest). Most weddings are not on either end of the scale but fall somewhere in between. Some wedding require the use of place card holders but not all. If your wedding needs placecard holders you will have some other things to think about so that you use them wisely and prudently.

Using place cards means you are determining where people will sit. After all, passing out place cards and place card holders really defeats the whole point of them. This means you are going to need to look at who is sitting where. You don't want to sit mortal enemies next to each other any more than you want to sit the Sooners fans with the Longhorns fans (especially during football season). You are trying to make a comfortable evening for everyone and that means trying to avoid conflicts. The best way to do that is to write names on cards and move people around till you find a set works well. Once done, put the names on a little diagram rather than trying to remember it or so you can let someone else put them out. This is a great time to check the spelling too.

Now that you are done with that little brain teaser it is time to move on to the next step and that is to figure out what type of place card holder you want. Place card holders are a great budget-control item. They can cost next to nothing by homemaking them or be expensive by being silver framed. They will cost as much or as little as you need them to be. If inexpensive is want you are looking for you will be able to make them and they can cost next to nothing. One idea that can look quite elegant is using a silk ribbon tied in a bow as a napkin ring. Just secure the place card by running the silk ribbon through a small hole in the card. It is elegant yet simple and functional. If you are having wine they can be made from wine corks. They are very cheap at stores that sell wine making supplies. Hundreds of other ideas can be found on line depending on the amount of work you want to do.

Slightly more expensive, items that are place card holders but also serve as a favors. Small potted plants with card holders can be used as one. There are lots of examples of this type of holder too. You could use a bud vase or small jar of homemade jam with the same ribbon and card effect mention above as a napkin ring, for example.

Finally, there are the place card holders that are just that, place card holders. They come in every shape and size so if you shop around you will find just what you need. They will fit any theme from spring garden weddings to summer beach weddings to Christmas weddings. Many of them do serve a purpose later, such as small silver picture frames. What ever you decide just make sure it blends into the theme; it is too small of a detail to have it shift the balance of your carefully planned wedding.

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