5 Excellent Entertainment Ideas That Will Set Your Winter Wedding Reception Above The Rest

Published: 11th December 2009
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One thing a bride cannot do without at her wedding is entertainment. A wedding is a celebration as well as the official union of two lives for eternity. A bride wants to make the event both memorable and enjoyable for her guests. This is why the reception, also known traditionally as the wedding breakfast, is so important. A successful reception serves delicious food and has great entertainment. However the entertainment is not just music. It can be other events depending on the theme of the wedding. The point is that you want to come with events and activities that can amuse and interest your attendees and give them great stories of your wedding to tell your friend. Since it is winter most brides will be focusing on holiday and winter themes. Here are some great game ideas that can be used at your wedding reception.

The first idea is great if you are having a Christmas themed wedding. Since gift giving will likely be a big part of your wedding you can try playing Secret Santa games. The process is simple you can have each guest bring a gift to the wedding and when the reception starts have the Secret Santa game start. There are several versions of the game that goes by different names however each follows the same basic rules. Everyone takes turn picking presents and opening them. Then other guests can steal gifts or pick another one. It will be great fun to see what they end up getting.

Another Fun Idea is holiday karaoke. This seems to be a really popular idea for most receptions. You can randomly pick members of the audience and have them sing their favorite carols or holiday songs. You can also have a karaoke machine to give people a wider selection of songs to choose from. You can also do a small version of Showtime at the Apollo and have the audience vote by applause who did the best.

Something interesting you can do with the dancing is to have dance battles or soul train lines. Have everyone on the dance floor do their best moves and give all they got. Something interesting that you can do off to the side is set up a game of Dance Dance Revolutions and have attendees give it their best shot.

Another interesting idea I've come across is Naughty or Nice. This will be great for when you give out your holiday wedding favors. The idea is pretty much like the game of Hot Potato. Everyone picks from the pile of wrapped gifts and party favors. However one of them is a lump of gold and one of them is a very nice gift. The person who gets the coal is the "Naughty" person while the person that gets the really great item is the "Nice" person. This is a great game that is quick and simple and won't take up dance time.

You can also trying involving the DJ by having a game of Musical Freeze. This is great for smaller more intimate weddings and can have interesting repercussion if the guest list is large. In either case, try to find people who can act as monitors for the game. Essentially, the DJ plays music and everyone dances. When the DJ stops the music everyone has to stay frozen in whatever position they are. Add to the fun by having the game monitors take pictures of particular interesting poses.

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