5 Exciting Bridal Shower Games

Published: 26th November 2009
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The bridal shower is an opportunity for the bride to receive gifts from her friends and family to help her start her new life with her future husband. This age old tradition is also a time of celebration in anticipation of the wedding. One thing that is also tradition is to play various games as entertainment and to also symbolize her future duties as wife. If you are the maid of honor you know that one of your duties is to organize the bridal shower. If you don't know any games for the bridal shower here are some great choices that you can incorporate into your own plans.

Have a game of Wedding Jeopardy. The rules would be same as TV Jeopardy. You would have a board that has various question valued for different points. Each question would be under a different category of wedding questions. Players would choose a question and have to answer it. Like in the game show they would have to answer the question with an answer. The person who wins the most points will be awarded a special gift.

A great game for everyone to play will be the Bridal bingo game. Give all your guests bingo cards wedding related pictures or words. Then have some call out the different images or words related to the upcoming nuptials. If someone gets all the right words or pictures in a row and call out bridal bingo, they will get a prize.

You can also play a Honeymoon. In this game the bride has to prepare for her honeymoon. Have her blindfolded and try to pack her suitcase for her honeymoon. Make sure that you have some basic items that would be expected such as lingerie, the groom's boxers, some sunglasses for the beach and any other items that might be brought on a honeymoon. The bride will then have to use her sense of touch to pack the suitcase. When she is done have her remove the blind fold and wear what she packed. Then you can take a funny picture.

A game that will test the knowledge of bride and groom is On This Day. Use key dates in the bride and groom's relationship. It can be when they first met, when they had their first kiss, or when the groom proposed. The guests then have to think of important events that happened and what happened for the bride and groom on that day. This is really tricky and only people who really know them well will be able to play. This should make the game fun and challenging.

Another game that can be played is Bridal Relay. In this game participants have to go through a relay performing all the traditional roles of a newlywed bride. However the game will work through the task backwards. You can come up with which roles or activities the guests will perform. Since this is a relay the guests will have to be divided into teams. The goal will be to do each of the activities in proper order in reverse and finally wear a wedding gown. The first team to complete the relay wins.

There are many other games that you can play. However it will depend on the imagination of you the maid of honor and the bridesmaids helping you organize them. You can also look online to find other games that have been used.

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