Bad luck Omens for the Bride and Groom

Published: 13th July 2010
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While bath wedding favors or soap wedding favors will not bring you bad luck on your wedding day, they could certainly be taken the wrong way. These kinds of wedding favors often smell so good and carry such a lovely fragrance that they are hard to resist. There are, however, many old wives tales, folklore, and traditions about bad luck on a wedding day that you might want to read up on and avoid, if possible. Here are a few of them to help you avoid anything that might jinx your nuptials and turn a good marriage sour.

It is rumored throughout some of the darker traditions about weddings that it is bad luck for the bride to meet up with a lizard on her way to the church. Lizards carry dark and ominous misfortune for the bride. The very beast way to avoid this is to arm yourself with bridesmaids. Have them come and pick you up. Make sure that they blindfold you so that you cannot see anything and if you have to walk, have them go in front of you with sticks and brooms, screaming at the top of their lungs and jumping up and down to scare the slimy little critters away before you get there. Lizards have beady little eyes and cannot be trusted anyway.

If you are driving to your wedding and are crossed up by a funeral procession, jump out and run to the nearest phone booth. You will have to call the church and postpone the wedding for another day. If a bride sees a funeral procession on her way to the church, the wedding is all but doomed. The only way to avoid this is to pray that nobody dies right before your wedding date. Of course, you could have your bridesmaids block every intersection on the way but the easiest way out of this happening to you is to spend the night before the wedding in the church. Maybe they have cable.

The hardest thing for the bride to avoid on her way to the church on her wedding day is a pig. If you live in the country, as many brides do, there is always a chance of a stray pig running across the road in front of you or just standing in a field as you drive by. All you can do is close your eyes and pray. I am not sure if police officers count but just in case, try to stay within the speed limit.

It is absolutely bad luck to see a blind person on your way to be hitched. Brides, keep your eyes open, or in this case, shut tight. The problem with this tradition is that everyone on the street that is wearing sunglasses is a potential blind person. If you just have to know, hang out the car window with a megaphone, and ask everyone you see to raise their hands if they are blind.

Listen up grooms. Before you enter the church, have your best man make an announcement. Have him ask anyone who is pregnant to raise their hand. Anyone who does should be given the bums rush out the back door before the groom arrives. It is very bad luck for the groom to encounter a pregnant woman on the day of her wedding. Pregnant men are okay though and can stay for the service. This goes for monks and nuns as well so if you are catholic, well, you are pretty much doomed as there are bound to be nuns around.

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