Megan Fox Gets Married In Fantasy Beach Wedding

Published: 09th August 2010
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At the moment, millions of men around the world are shouting in horror and outrage at the news of Brunette Bombshell Megan Fox getting married in a secret ceremony at a hotel in Hawaii to her fianc? Austin Brian Green. Megan Fox is a well known actress known for her roles in the wildly popular Transformers movies. Her new husband, Austin Green, is another famous actor known for his role in the famous teen TV drama 90210 and his recent stint as the super villain Metallo. While the June 24 wedding came as a surprise the wedding was actually a long time coming as the couple has been dating since 2004 and were engaged with a brief break since 2006.

The wedding was the signature Hawaii beach wedding with the bride coming down the gorgeous white sands of the beach near the Four Seasons Resort, where the couple was staying, towards the groom. The couple to maintain the secrecy of the ceremony made it as simple and intimate as possible not even having a wedding reception or beach wedding favors. The only person that was present at the wedding other than the bride and groom was Mr. Greens young son.

Megan fox made a stunning bride in her white strapless Giorgio Armani wedding gown with 16 foot train. The bride actually had problems making her way down the beach in it but simply decided to run down the aisle towards the altar. It added a romantic bit of spontaneity to the wedding. The groom, Brian Green was dressed in a classic white Armani tuxedo.

The couple then returned to the Four Seasons to celebrate the wedding. What better place to have both your wedding and honeymoon than Hawaii? The wedding showed some of the key hallmarks that make the summer beach wedding such a success.

The most astounding thing was the Hawaii location. Making a beach wedding unforgettable really depends on the location and the choice of exotic and lush Hawaii definitely took the wedding to the next level. The couple also made sure to include Island motifs from the flowers used for the altar to the authentic Kahuna, a Hawaiian priest, who officiated over the ceremony.

The wedding also showcased that less is more when it comes to a beach wedding. The couple kept things simple letting the scenery of the Hawaiian Islands be the ultimate decorations for their nuptials. The couple also opted as previously mentioned for a small ceremony with only close family. This shows that even celebrities can do a lavish ceremony but still keep it simple and intimate. It also kept the wedding a private event with none of the unnecessary press to ruin the special moment.

Funny enough the thing that really clued in everyone to the marriage was Megan Fox?s amazing wedding ring and engagement rings. Both were white gold band set with diamonds and they did not come cheap either. The engagement ring is said to cost a cool $80,000 and the wedding band given at the ceremony was $20,000 on its own. The bride was probably thinking it was a good investment for the money saved by not having a big lavish wedding.

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