Ways To Prove Santa Comes

Published: 24th September 2009
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Of all of our Christmas tradition none is dearer to us than Santa. Of course there are many others too that children and adults love. There are Christmas trees and their lights that brighten a darkened room. There are beloved carols we can't help but sing along with and that yearly hope of snow. Still, none of those are anything quite like Santa Clause. Young children accept Santa Clause without question. After all, he is the bringer of gifts and the center of all things Christmas. As they get older, the children get a little older they start to wand Santa proof. Now the adult have to come up with some Santa Claus Proof, but how to parents come up with Santa Clause Proof.

Now our children are not fools, even the youngest. This means you are going to have to be a bit sneaky to fool them and keep that bit of magic alive. Now the new classic of letters from Santa or a Santa Clause phone call is a good place to start. It will help the children believe and make later Santa evidence even more believable. But after all, this is just part of the set up. The real evidence has to come on Christmas day.

Now the presence of gifts is certainly a large piece of proof of the jolly old elf. The presents didn't fall from the Christmas tree (although most parents wish they would). That would be just plain silly. The children need more evidence. Now leaving some of his other hallmarks would be a very good start. A glove would be good or maybe his glasses. The Surgeon General would frown on you for leaving his pipe.

There is also the opposite of that approach. That would be the lack of something. Not a sticky fingered Santa that steals the silverware but a hungry Santa that eats a treat that was left for him. What you leave him to eat is totally up to you just explain why that is a good choice. Some families just leave cookies and milk because all Santa will have time for is a quick snack. Other people think about Santa's arrival time. Maybe it is very early in the morning before Santa gets to your house so eggs and toast is what he would want. For lunch, it has been said, he loves a good PB&J. Remember, you are going to have to eat it all later so Santa does not need a 30 ounce porter house steak. Just make sure you stay in the theme. Nobody leaves Santa shrimp cocktail. Raw oysters will likely get you a stocking full of coal.

You can also leave his reindeer some treats. A quick look on the internet will guide you to some fun treats for you and the kids to make and share with the reindeer. A party mix coated in white chocolate is always a big hit. Remember, reindeer don't like shrimp cocktail either. Hay stacks are another fun treat the kids and reindeer alike will love.

Whatever type of Santa Claus proof you decide to leave make sure you use your head. It can be a fun, cheap way to keep your children believing a little longer.

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