What Happens at The Bridal and Engagement Parties

Published: 08th July 2010
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There is more than one school of thought as to the reasons for a bridal or wedding shower. Some people think that the bridal shower is for the bride and an opportunity to receive gifts while others think that this is where the bride treats her friends, particularly those she wishes to be in the wedding party, to a free party with food and drinks and chooses her bridesmaids and maid of honor. For this reason, it is important to impart to the guests of your bridal shower exactly what to expect and what you expect. If you have a bridal shower or throw a wedding shower, you should provide bridal shower favors or wedding shower favors for the guests.

In many places, the word shower implies that the guests intend to shower the bride with gifts. The bridal shower is held and organized by the maid of honor and all the bridesmaids and other close friends bring gifts. In other parts of the world, including America, Canada, and Australia, the bridal shower is held specifically so that the friends of the bride and groom can contribute money in order to ensure that the wedding takes place. The shower is usually arranged by the bride's parents to help defray the cost of the event, which in many cases may be more than they can handle.

This is the way it works in some regions. Different cultures have different variations. As each guest arrives, the guest places money in a jar or piggy bank or some other container so that no one can tell how much the others have put in. During the shower, the bride lets the guests know how much was hoped for and how much there actually is, deducting the cost of the party from the total. Then the guests can add more to the pot if they so desire. The bride and her guests also use this opportunity to brainstorm the wedding and figure out what it will take to build the brides dream wedding. It is a great opportunity for the bride to clarify in her mind and on paper, exactly what she wants from her wedding and what it will take to achieve it.

The bridal shower stems from an old custom where the father or family of the bride would present a dowry to the groom and his family. The dowry was a collection of valuables, including money, real estate, and family heirlooms and jewels. Either many families could not afford a dowry or the dowry was so poor as to limit the bride's options as to her choice of husbands. The bridal shower allowed the brides friends to come together and enhance her dowry so that she could have the husband of her choice and not be so limited. It basically opened up the playing field.

The engagement party is a different animal altogether. In an engagement party, the bride and groom are both present and invite as many friends as possible. The gifts could include household gifts, money, or other items. The groom is the big winner in these events, as the bride's friends would bring objects of love for the couple to use in the bedroom. Items like sexy lingerie and things of that nature. They also bring gifts for the couple's new home or apartment such as small appliances. The engagement is formerly announced at the engagement party, usually by the father of the bride and toasts are made to the marriages success.

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